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Q: What services do you offer?

A: I offer translation and proofreading services for scientific articles - research, but for the field of physics, biology, (techniques in general), etc., I prefer proofreading.


Q: Why?

A: The possible areas for the translation of scientific articles are: IT, architecture, Smart City - smart cities, energy - renewable energies, hydrology, civil engineering and marketing, because I have already translated several articles and I have a base and understanding of keywords.


Q: But I need a translation - how do I proceed?

A: If you do not want to use an automatic translator, I can do the translation, but I need your verification after my translation, especially the main keywords. Your verification is mandatory and must be confirmed at the time of acceptance of the quote. 


Q: What about proofreading?

A: I proofread the document already written in English, without changing the technical words, but taking care of sentence structure, fluency, grammar, spelling, etc.


Q: How do you calculate the price of the service - per page or per word?

A: The rate is per word.


Q: All the words?

A: I only calculate the words to be translated or proofreaded, without references, titles, subtitles, keywords, dictionary, etc. (Example - document = 3500 words - the quote can only cover 2500 words)


Q: What are your rates?

The estimate is calculated on the basis of the document, clearly specifying the service requested. 


Q: You don't have a price list?

A: Yes, but knowing that each request and each document is unique, the rate (per word) is calculated on several criteria: service, delay, difficulty, loyalty (after 2 or 3 requests - a loyalty rate is then established), etc.


Q: Why don't you share your rates?

A: Each quote is personalised, and based on my experience, I need to see the document to offer you a fair price. Sometimes, a simple proofreading can define a document that needs to be rewritten. If I offer you a certain rate and your document needs more work, so the rate will be higher, you may be disappointed. 


Q: How can we get all the details: payment, delay, etc.?

A: All details concerning the amount, the deadline, the payment method, the currency (CCP - Algeria in DA / Paypal - International in Euros) and the payment details will be available in the email - quote.


Q: What is the delivery time for the service?

A: In general, the deadline is less than one week (7 days max from payment) for a scientific article of less than 5000 words calculated.


Q: Do you handle urgent requests?
A: Yes, depending on my availability and your confirmation. Emergency fees are applicable for a period of less than 72 hours and payment must be made the same day. 


Q: What happens if changes or comments are required?

A: After my translation or proofreading, you must check the document, and if changes or comments are required, proofreading is free.


Q: And the follow-up work? The journal's response - reviewers' comments?

A: I also offer a free work follow-up. If the changes requested by the reviewers are linguistic, a second proofreading is also available free of charge.


Q: The most important question - how do you ensure data confidentiality?

A: I invite you to visit the recommendations section of my LinkedIn professional profile. My clients' recommendations are my guarantee.


Thank you! :)


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