Gabriela's Tips and Reminders:

A Step-by-Step Guide for Researchers

Hello everyone! & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2019 is HERE!


As promised, this is a step-by-step, easy-to-read guide for researchers, which I hope will help you write your research articles before submission.

I would like to remind you that a well written and well-structured article is the “mirror” of your research and after its online publication (OUR FINAL OBJECTIVE), it will be accessible to all your fellow researchers from all over the world...... but even before the acceptance phase, which can be long and stressful, the most important one is the writing phase.


Therefore, I would like to help you as best I can!


This is a free guide, which you can save, print, share with your friends and colleagues... It is based on the guidelines format and structure of most scientific journals that are available online.

I wish you all a successful and colourful research year!

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