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What is your advice for a better organization to work (from home) during school breaks?

Here are my nine common-sense tips to work better from home:

1- I'm learning to set limits and to know how to say no, especially to the girlfriend who wants to come by at 4pm to have tea and chat.

2- I put aside household chores or, if I can't "resist", I set aside a dedicated and limited amount of time for myself (I devote half an hour to it during the lunch break, from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m., period).

3- I satisfy my need for recognition by regularly congratulating myself and rewarding myself from time to time (if I close the X file by 11am tomorrow morning, I offer myself a well-deserved chocolate break).

4- I organize my days around my main priorities to avoid multitasking and to protect myself from the nagging feeling of having done nothing all day.

5- I get into the habit of disconnecting from my work and enjoy doing something other than work (alone, with my family, with my friends).

6- I create an environment conducive to success by pampering my workspace, no matter how small it is.

7- I keep in mind the reasons of my choice and I draw from what animates me and makes sense to me on days when my motivation and my spirit are at half-mast.

8- I set up decompression airlocks in the morning and evening, and ritualize my days (without falling into routine and boredom!).

9- I avoid staying alone and thinking that I am capable of doing everything and I choose to surround myself with specialists in their field. With more people, we are stronger! This is also true for home-based workers, no matter how independent and self-sufficient they may be.

Take care & till soon...

If you have any questions, write to me at: (international translation/proofreading requests) or (for researchers).

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