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Who is Gary C. Halbert? BONUS: Links to Free Copywriting Online Courses

Last week I promised you a short introduction about Gary C. Halbert, the author of the letters I've been reading these days looking to learn a bit more about copywriting, as well as a list of free online copywriting courses (which in this time of containment can replace Netflix & popcorn - or not!😃).

But first, what's the story behind Boron Letters?

These letters are what was later collected and presented in the book The Boron Letters which is a cult classic in the copywriting world written by Gary C. Halbert, one of the greatest copywriters of all time.

In the 1980s, he was sentenced to prison for corporate tax evasion. He was sentenced to Boron Federal Penitentiary which was a minimum security prison and began writing a series of letters to his son.

In the course of the letters, Gary Halbert curiously wondered between ideas of making money, copywriting, family life, direct mail, philosophy of life, health, business and more. The Boron Letters is undoubtedly one of those must-have copywriting books.

If you want to read them, I grouped the 25 links found on Miles Beckler’s blog and created one PDF file that you can download HERE.

Amazon also proposes an updated polished version by Bond Halbert (the SON).

If you've already read them, feel free to share your opinion in comments.

As far as free (copy)writing online courses are concerned, here's what I found:

If you know of other free courses, don't hesitate to share the link in comments. Thank you. 😊

Till next time...

P.S. Here is my favorite screenshot of the week:

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