I Will Proofread And Edit Your Academic Manuscript

I discovered the scientific research community in 2012...

My first proofread articles were those published by my husband Dr KOUAHLA Zineddine, PhD in Computer Science, and currently the Head of the Computer Science Department at the University of Guelma, Algeria, as well as his Ph.D. thesis submitted in 2013 at the University of Nantes, France. 

In 2018, I joined LabSTIC Research Laboratory Team at the University of Guelma, Algeria, as a scientific proofreader under the supervision and guidance of Professor SERIDI Hamid. 

Since 2012 until today, I have been proofreading research papers written in English language and published in academic journals or international conferences, as well as PhD thesis published in French or English language.

The following graph illustrates the percentage of domains related to academic projects that I have proofread (December 2018): 

I provide a 3-step collaboration and FREE work follow-up







Quote for translation, proofreading or proofreading services is determined according to your document: the rate is per word for scientific articles (I do not calculate references, headings, dictionaries, glossaries) and per full page (TNR, 11, 1.5) for all other academic projects. 








If you accept the quote and the payment is processed within the specified time, I commit myself to respect the deadline indicated in the electronic quote.





After sending the translated / corrected document, you must check it and send it back to me for a FREE final proofreading if you have made any changes. 
The follow-up of the work is FREE of charge. 

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